The Berkeley Lacrosse Club's goal is to provide boys and girls of almost any age, from anywhere in the East Bay, the opportunity to learn and play the wonderful sport of lacrosse.

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Spring 2018 Proposed Practice Schedule

Spring practice will start January 14, 2018.  For use in scheduling, the Proposed 2018 Spring Practice schedule is shown below. Please note that this is not a final schedule and is subject to change.

Because our home field at Tom Bates is being replaced this winter (yay!), we have secured practice space on Sundays at Berkeley High School (BHS) and during the week in the BYA gym at 1255 Allston Way through the anticipated reopening of Tom Bates on March 5. Should the replacement project take longer than anticipated, our return to Tom Bates will be delayed. Once we get back on our home field, 14U players should anticipate practicing 3 times per week; 12U and 10U players 2 times per week and 8U players once per week.

Beginning January 14 through March 4 at BHS

Boys 8U, Boys 10U and Girls 10U: Sunday 1-2:30pm

Boys 12U and 14U: Sunday 2:30-4pm

Girls 12U and 14U: Sunday 3:30-5pm

Beginning February 1 through March 2 at BYA

Boys 14U: Monday, 4:30-6pm

Boys 12U: Tuesday, 4:30-6pm

Girls 12U and 14U: Thursday, 4:30-6pm

Beginning March 5 at Tom Bates

Girls 10U:  Wednesday, Friday 4-5:30 pm

Girls 12U:  Tuesday, Thursday 4-5:30 pm  Monday, Wednesday 5-6:30

Girls 14U: Monday, Wednesday 5:30-7pm and Thursday 4-5:30 pm

Boys 8U: Friday 4-5:30 pm

Boys 10U: Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday 4-5:30 pm

Boys 12U: Tuesday, Thursday 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Boys 14U: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:00-5:30 pm


It is expected that players attend every practice, but we do understand that other commitments sometimes take priority.  Please speak with your player's coach about finding a manageable schedule as other options may be available. 

Please note that this schedule is subject to change and will depend on final enrollment plus field and coach availability.  We play on turf, so we do practice (and play games) in the rain.